“My second order with Naturally Nickel Free was another great buying experience. I recommend Donna Jo as both a talented artisan and a caring, professional seller. Her pieces are beautifully crafted. She is an excellent communicator, packs her items securely (and decoratively) and send them out quickly. I wish her ongoing success and will be following her to her new shop.”

-Liz C. 6/19/2015


“Thank you, Donna. The earwires have arrived. I am a big fan of your shop, and expect to be back. I’m in the process or upgrading all of my jewelry to deal with a metal allergy, and you’re the best I’ve found!”

                                                                                 -Katrina B. 5/31/2015


“The earrings got here today. They are simply beautiful. My husband just loved them. The titanium seems to work very well for me. I wear a lot of black and love to accent with my jewelry. The look of the natural stone really makes them one of a kind and very special. I look forward to getting more of them. Thank you for wrapping them so carefully.”

-Laurie S.   4/23/2015


“I ordered 4 pair, all in different colors. The colors are so vibrant! I am amazed at how delicate the hooks are. Next order ... hoops! What an answer to prayer to find Naturally Nickel Free so I can once again wear pretty earrings that don’t cause my skin to flare up.”

-Pam S.   3/14/2015


“I just wanted to let you know that I have been enjoying wearing nickel-free earrings and have, in particular enjoyed your earrings, hence the reason for my additional purchases. I really like the artisan and organic feel of your earrings. Between the stones and wire work, it has an earthy energy which I love. Thanks so much for the fabulous art work.”

                                                                                 -Kathy B.   3/24/2014


“Hi . . . I wanted to let you know that the earrings are fabulous! My daughter has a nickel allergy and prefers posts to the titanium French hooks I usually buy. She’s worn the earrings you made since the day they were delivered. Thanks!

-Cheryl S. 3/1/2014


“I don’t know how you got such professional looking earring cards to attach the earrings to, or how you got the material to make nickel free jewelry for those who need to use such (and boy am I one of them - even have to watch what I eat due to nickel in foods), but I am very happy with the earrings and your talent. They look great on me! They arrived within a week of ordering them too. Your personalized e-mails were a nice touch as well. I will definitely recommend your site to others (and thank you for the two business cards to share!), and would love to come back and purchase more myself.”

                                                                            -Michelle L.  1/4/2014


“I am a returning customer and was again pleased with my order. Yay for Nickel Free!”

-Meghan J.  11/7/13


“I love my hoops! The owner was so nice and easy to work with. I had a custom project and they turned out just as I’d hoped!”

                                                                                -Megan J. 10/24/13


“love the option of purchasing nickel free jewelry”

                                                                                    -Jamie  9/20/2013


“Hi Donna, Thanks so much for making nickel free earrings! I like the ones I purchased. They are the first earrings I’ve had which don’t irritate. Thankyou =)”   

                                                                                    -Helene  5/11/2013


“Thank you so much for the earrings. They are in perfect condition and I love them. I would also like to let you know that I am able to wear them without getting infected ear lobes which for me is fantastic since I can’t wear a lot of earrings due to infections.”   

                                                                                     -Elyse  4/9/2013


“Thank you so much for the beautiful earrings. I only recently discovered Niobium. I haven’t been able to wear earrings for so long due to constant irritation. The earrings I purchased from you are very pretty, they don’t bother my ears at all, and I’ve received lots of compliments. I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am! I will be a repeat customer!”   

                                                                            -Joy  1/10/2013


“I have ordered several pair of earrings. They are all very lovely, comfortable, and extremely lightweight. It is nice not having to worry about whether or not the material will irritate my ears. Thanks!”  

                                                                                -Meghan  7/13/2012


“I just wanted to personally Thank You for your beautiful earrings! Everyone and my patients have complimented me this week. Unfortunately, I have become highly allergic to gold, silver, and those hypo-allergenic metals with age; which is no fun at all! I am so happy to be able to wear earrings again after many years. Yaaay! Thanks Donna!”   

                                                                                -Caroline 3/10/2011


"I've been struggling with nickel allergy for over 30 years. I followed the guidelines written up on your blog and I have been free from red, burning, weepy pierced ears for the first time in eons!!  One helpful thing the first few days, was to apply sea salt/water to my ears because they did itch. Now I can't even feel earrings in my ears.”  

                                                                                      -Mary  11/15/2010


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When you purchase from Naturally Nickel Free, you buy directly from the artist. This also means that I rely on those of you who are my customers, to let me know what works, and what you need, so that I can keep making things better. As always, I look forward to hearing from you.

                                                                       Yours in peace,