Our shop set-up is a little unusual in today’s world - a real "mom & pop" business. My husband, originally rented this space  in 2012 for his computer repair business, CW Smith Computer Services. As he was setting things up, we both thought it would be a good idea to have a little space for my jewelry too.

For a while I have been happy just to have a little display space and the occasional surprised computer customer who discovers my jewelry. I have decided that summer is a great time for me to take a more active role, though, carving out intentional shop hours to better define my message and my place in the community.  Online business will continue as usual, but this will be a lovely way to interact directly with individuals, and I believe its effects will benefit all of my customers.

Usually, when you see my husband in the shop, he has his hands stuck into the guts of a computer. He’s also a pretty nice guy, so if you’d like to make a jewelry selection, he’ll be happy to help you out with that too. I’ll also be helping with his business where I can, so it’s marvelous that we can work together in this way. If you need something specific, though, like a custom jewelry order, or you have questions about my metals or materials, you may prefer to set up an appointment so I can help you better.

Not every item is on display all the time, so if there is something particular you’re hoping to see in person, you might pop me an email and I’ll make sure I have it out for you.


I can accept payment by personal check or credit/debit card with ID, or cash. 6% Iowa State Sales tax will apply to all purchases.

Street parking is available either in front of the building, or around the corner.

Naturally Nickel Free  - The Shop is OPEN

2620 E. 9th Street

Des Moines, Iowa

at the corner of E. 9th St. & Morton Ave.

MWF 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

T/Th by appointment

email naturallynickelfree@gmail.com         phone 515-577-1706

shop small • think big • live large

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